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We offer a Drupal optimized server environment. Our VPS are located at Linoe in London, UK. The operating system is the latest LTS version of Ubuntu 12.04. We count on the tried and true LAMP-package, with the APC and SSL enabled on Apache. We take daily backups of all of our web servers.

Upgrading And Maintenance

We feel that upgrading, developing and maintenance of websites are some of the worst handled sections in websites throughout Europe. Upgrading is painful for entrepreneurs, websites are developed in five year cycles and the maintenance is almost nonexistant.

We offer upgrading and maintenance services according to your needs. Hourly, monthly or project rates, any way you want it! We are also currently developing a service for easing the upgrading problems that our clients have, stay tuned!

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Drupal Support

Our website spontaneously combusted, what to do? You can contact us for help, and we can advice how to prevent that in the future too.

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